Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everybody wins!

So I have come to a decision that involves blogging, sketching and graphic designing all in one.
I will still throw up random drawings/doodles and stuff but every so ofter I am going to put up some recent tutorial work that I will also post links to where I got. This in turn will help me get better at photo shop and also give me cool things to put up, mind you they either will look like the tutorial or similar so I'm guessing they will not be jaw dropping. But in the end it will be more of a help for me, and others who wish to look at the tutorials AND ALSO the people who make the tutorials hahah so everyone wins!!

However, I have done none haha (slakin already) but it will occur. Just a heads up to thoes who care :)

anyway here is a painting I did for my sister. It's the best I could do for underwater haha


  1. Very picasso of you.

    And the 2D vs 3D elements are badass. Good work.

  2. I love that shading you did and the transition between yellow and blue fits so well with the rest of the picture. Awesome job.

  3. Barbie sticking out of the underwater dinosaur? Neat.

  4. thanks guys :)

    and it's SUPPOSED to be a mermaid haha, but we can say it's a dinosaur for sake of awesomeness.

  5. dinosaurs = awesome.
    dino dan = awful.

  6. I agree....dinosaurs = awesome.