Thursday, February 3, 2011

My life is exciting!

Well Hello again.

Here it goes around 3 for blogging!! haha
Well today was not much eventful I wrote my exam in a half hour haha (it was all multiple choice) and then got a head start of my 12 40 class at 10 45 because it was being taught to another section. whahahaha. So I was home by 12 and what did I do with all my FREE TIIMMEE?!?!?! slept. of course. It was a good day. However I am now up again at 2 am with another 8am class waiting for me tomorrow. oh joy. Well tomorrows Friday so at least I will be able to sleep on the weekend! I want to go to Eaton center this weekend though, spend some gift cards I still have? and return our cable box because we're broke and cannot live in luxury with this TV thing anymore. Back to streaming.

---  Oh ALSO the ad posted is one of my favourite books, and authors for that matter. Check it out if your into books and stuff haha ;)

Well that is all I can discuss on my exciting life. Here's a doodle I did in class... it was a cheerful class as you can tell. I ended up dropping it that day btw :)


  1. Something tells me thats no cute lil octopus.

  2. I'm thinking Cthulhu or Sharktopus...

    Eithe way, he wants a hug...

  3. I like your blog haha Its super random! If you like rhymes and poems you should check mine out! I love getting input!