Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh hiaaaa, boobs.

Well since school is finally over I thought I would write a little blog for those who still seem to read the blog when I come around. And to those few I thank you :)

Well I recently got a job at Victoria's Secret so it's been busy with lots of boobs. We are the 5th VS in Canada! woohoo! It's a pretty sweet job but got me thinking, are guys really impressed with how big girls boobs "look" and just disappointed when they see that it was just a reallllly good bra the girl was wearing?
Example of this is one of the bras at VS makes you go up 2 cup sizes!! its pretty much all padding inside that propt your boobs up top making them look huge. Is this not a let down to the fellas? As soon as the bra is off, so are the boobs.
In retrospect guys could be stuffing their junk and pulling off the same trick. I know I would be a little disappointed to find this out, but by the time the pants are off and your finding this out, it's almost at the point of no return. You might as well finish what you started, impressed or not.
however, this is a different circumstance due to the whole "does size matter" where as boobs: well, if they are bigger that's great but it's not a debatable pleasure increasing issue. BUT STILL the fact that guys could be pulling this off would be a let down knowing it was a trick of the eye the whole time would be upsetting. I don't know if making boobs look bigger then they are is cruel or brilliant. But  I do know that Victoria's Secret is sure making some moneys from it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I guess I have been MIA for a while there eh haha. But I am back. I am currently writing what "design is" for my other blog "contemporary design theory" anddddd it's taking a bit longer then expected. That's usually the way things work when you leave it till the end :(
But doing all the research for it is kind of interesting. Design is actually everywhere if you notice it or not. And everything you see is on purpose. Design is different from art. And believe me it is hard to overcome this as an artist and a designer. But here is some good quotes by John O'Nolan
I think these are AMAZINNNGGG and I love them because they explain it so well!! The designers pretty friggin sweet too. follow him on the twit if you are down for that kinda thing.

But yea my "design is" statement is sort of coming along? I think it's pretty cool how much design is related to one another in all spectrums of it.  I saw this design of a car that is inspired from grafitti. And a house designed in a grid. A church into a modernized house, and high fashion with paint drips. So much crazyyy!! and I love itttt!!!!

To add to the crazy I'll post my Tu Tu Tsunami Litho print :)

more recent stuff will be added as soon as I draw it haha as soon as I stop procrastinating. But I'm slackin' on that too

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby where'd you get your body from?

Well t'was a busy week and I was so worn out from the week I literally slept for more than half my weekend. I have yet to post tutorials haha so we will both wait till that day comes. Anyway I going to keep with my picture postings :) thanks to all those who have said such nice things about my work and like I've said feel free to point out any flaws or things to improve.

This ones a nudy pic haha but not so much

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

500 Days of Winter

Well I just watched 500 Days of Summer. It's one of my favourite movies ever :) and also reminds me of someone a lot :) well mostly the soundtrack really, which is adorable and I also love... a lot! However the moive is kind of a heartbreak movie, kind of like the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-ish I'd say. Anyway, the movie has been on my mind a lot lately and I left it was necessary to post the best part of the movie haha so here it is...

you have to watch it on youtube because embedding was disabled :(

but it is worth it :D
I wish it was summer now. Guhhh feels like 500 days of winter. Boooo.

Anyway I shall post another picture...

This was a silk screen painting I did last year, was the first thing I sold! It was actually pretty big, I think 2m wide and 1m high, made 110$ off it though! woohoo!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everybody wins!

So I have come to a decision that involves blogging, sketching and graphic designing all in one.
I will still throw up random drawings/doodles and stuff but every so ofter I am going to put up some recent tutorial work that I will also post links to where I got. This in turn will help me get better at photo shop and also give me cool things to put up, mind you they either will look like the tutorial or similar so I'm guessing they will not be jaw dropping. But in the end it will be more of a help for me, and others who wish to look at the tutorials AND ALSO the people who make the tutorials hahah so everyone wins!!

However, I have done none haha (slakin already) but it will occur. Just a heads up to thoes who care :)

anyway here is a painting I did for my sister. It's the best I could do for underwater haha

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My life is exciting!

Well Hello again.

Here it goes around 3 for blogging!! haha
Well today was not much eventful I wrote my exam in a half hour haha (it was all multiple choice) and then got a head start of my 12 40 class at 10 45 because it was being taught to another section. whahahaha. So I was home by 12 and what did I do with all my FREE TIIMMEE?!?!?! slept. of course. It was a good day. However I am now up again at 2 am with another 8am class waiting for me tomorrow. oh joy. Well tomorrows Friday so at least I will be able to sleep on the weekend! I want to go to Eaton center this weekend though, spend some gift cards I still have? and return our cable box because we're broke and cannot live in luxury with this TV thing anymore. Back to streaming.

---  Oh ALSO the ad posted is one of my favourite books, and authors for that matter. Check it out if your into books and stuff haha ;)

Well that is all I can discuss on my exciting life. Here's a doodle I did in class... it was a cheerful class as you can tell. I ended up dropping it that day btw :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's not easy

Oh hi.

So here I am... 1:56 am... with a midterm tomorrow... at 8 am. with a half hour walk a head of me and a shower, haha ok lets be honest I won't shower tomorrow.
The point being I should be doing something more productive... sayyyy sleeping. or you know studying. but nope. nope. nope. Here I am.

Well anyway I will post moreee pictures. This is for a certain someone... who happens to be my only follower right now. haha ;) enjoy!!

Also I miss my long hair :(