Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh hiaaaa, boobs.

Well since school is finally over I thought I would write a little blog for those who still seem to read the blog when I come around. And to those few I thank you :)

Well I recently got a job at Victoria's Secret so it's been busy with lots of boobs. We are the 5th VS in Canada! woohoo! It's a pretty sweet job but got me thinking, are guys really impressed with how big girls boobs "look" and just disappointed when they see that it was just a reallllly good bra the girl was wearing?
Example of this is one of the bras at VS makes you go up 2 cup sizes!! its pretty much all padding inside that propt your boobs up top making them look huge. Is this not a let down to the fellas? As soon as the bra is off, so are the boobs.
In retrospect guys could be stuffing their junk and pulling off the same trick. I know I would be a little disappointed to find this out, but by the time the pants are off and your finding this out, it's almost at the point of no return. You might as well finish what you started, impressed or not.
however, this is a different circumstance due to the whole "does size matter" where as boobs: well, if they are bigger that's great but it's not a debatable pleasure increasing issue. BUT STILL the fact that guys could be pulling this off would be a let down knowing it was a trick of the eye the whole time would be upsetting. I don't know if making boobs look bigger then they are is cruel or brilliant. But  I do know that Victoria's Secret is sure making some moneys from it.


  1. At the point the bra comes off, most guys will go "yay boobs!" instead of "wait, what?"

    We're mostly not picky. But yeah. Girls, if they see a big bulge and we whip out a crayola, it's over.

    Welcome back, btw. Hope you're enjoying your employee discount.

  2. Hahaha I guess what you say is true. good to know no bra is a let down technically, but can def draw the right attention if needed.

    and thanks! haha I most certainly am not making money working there because I end up giving it back to them by spending all my money there. I love everything there is there!!!