Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I guess I have been MIA for a while there eh haha. But I am back. I am currently writing what "design is" for my other blog "contemporary design theory" anddddd it's taking a bit longer then expected. That's usually the way things work when you leave it till the end :(
But doing all the research for it is kind of interesting. Design is actually everywhere if you notice it or not. And everything you see is on purpose. Design is different from art. And believe me it is hard to overcome this as an artist and a designer. But here is some good quotes by John O'Nolan
I think these are AMAZINNNGGG and I love them because they explain it so well!! The designers pretty friggin sweet too. follow him on the twit if you are down for that kinda thing.

But yea my "design is" statement is sort of coming along? I think it's pretty cool how much design is related to one another in all spectrums of it.  I saw this design of a car that is inspired from grafitti. And a house designed in a grid. A church into a modernized house, and high fashion with paint drips. So much crazyyy!! and I love itttt!!!!

To add to the crazy I'll post my Tu Tu Tsunami Litho print :)

more recent stuff will be added as soon as I draw it haha as soon as I stop procrastinating. But I'm slackin' on that too


  1. I love those quotes. I try to design more like an artist, but it doesn't always pan out.

  2. Those quotes are so amazing. The print is also amazing. I look forward to more drawings.

  3. Impressive, and damn good artwork

  4. That print is really good, again you have some great talent I love your work.

  5. I love the print, Definitely looking forward to some new content. :)